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Trails Update march 11, 2024

Greetings from the  of the NEK. Timing is everything and why couldn't this snow have come last month.


For those who have been asking . Here is at Trail 105 EX 95 before this weekends rare 2024 winter snowfall. A unicornwinter for sure. Believe us we'd like to be out in the Bully grooming our great trails. It's still early/mid March afterall. But with no base, the strange mild temperatures over several days/weeks that started to drive the frost out of the ground, and our swampy areas now thawing it's not so far possible.   Temperatures will once again be rising into the mid 40's F (7C for our Canadian friends) for mid week.

Trails are still closed. Trees may be down once again. Water is flowing across the trails. We'd need significantly more snow and sustained cold to reopen.

We still have some great club merchandise and never too late for a club membership. A snowmobile club really has no "off season". All proceeds go back into our groomer and trail maintenance.

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