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NEK Snow Blasters
Officers & Directors

Northeast Kingdom Snow Blasters meetings are once a month. If you would like to attend date, time and locations are posted here on our website under club events and on our Facebook page. 


You may also contact our club president John Hull at 802-371-7301 or our trail master John Bialek 603-213-0786.


President - John Hull

Vice President - Mark Burgielewicz

Secretary - Missy Benson

Treasurer - Steven Blanchard Sr

Trail Master

John Bialek

Director of Events & Communications

Melissa Benson

Kendyl Bell

Christina Duffy


Jason Patenaude-David Dominico Sr

Steve Blanchard Jr.  -  Kendyl Bell

Steve Duffy  -  Christina Duffy

 -  Mike Benson - Kevin Heiden - Darryl Johnson


David Diminico Sr

Steven Duffy

Mark Burgielewicz

Membership Coordinator

John Hull

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