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Trail Report 2/8/2024 through the weekend.

Nightly grooming has continued with almost all the trailsystem done last night including some of the 105s. Conditions range from fair in town to good to very good as elevations increase.

We'll try to groom part of the trailsystem tonight but the temperatures are rapidly rising from the overnight lows so temperatures later this afternoon will determine if we go or not. Unless the forecast changes we will not be grooming Friday or Saturday.

 The 105 trails on the north end of our trailsystem has reduced grooming to a few times a week the last couple of weeks due to low snow, water areas, bare spots, and damages incurred on the equipment. We have posted this here and on our website in most, if not all, recent trail reports. Apparently a few people didn't get the message and had to ride some bumps a few miles. Unless we get more snow soon grooming frequency may further be reduced here.

 Trails 101, 102*, 114, 114C, 114D have mostly good to very good conditions.

 Trail 102A lower powerline expect some thin areas especially on the south half.

 Crossovers to Canaan. Middle crossover 106C is good however expect snow to thin more the next few days where it was plowed from the logging operation. South crossover 96 is thin.

 Both connections with Brighton Snowmobile Club are good conditions

 Trail 102 Stone Dam from EX 501 (south connector) to Rt 105 is pretty much down to an icy dirt surface.

 Trail 105 was groomed to Rt 114. Expect a few areas with ground showing and thinner conditions.

Weather and snow conditions will determine our grooming routes and schedule for later in the weekend and next week.

The VAST trails map is still showing no grooming due to GPS tracking issues.

Giving you the most accurate and honest reports from the  of the NEK.

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