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Trail Report 1/14/2024

Updated: Feb 9

Long day in the groomer with varying conditions. Great to see everyone out enjoying the trails.

Much of today was continued packing, filling in waterbars, clearing trees, fixing signs from the high winds. Late afternoon snow squals added a few quick inches.

The 105's need more snow and have some wet areas that hopefully will freeze this week. Fair conditions mostly.

Upper power line good early conditions, winds have blown some snow off the trail but very rideable.

Lower power line 102A gets thinner the further south you go. Needs snow but rideable. Fair conditions.

102 good early conditions.

114 good early conditions.

Brousseau 105 fair to good early conditions. Needs more snow on the eastern side.

Groomer will be out during the week.

1/15/2024 UPDATE:

We've noticed the VAST trails map has not updated what we groomed yesterday. We've notified VAST of this. So the map currently should show most everything in "blue" except 105D, the very lower section of 102A from EX 176 south, and 105A from EX 15 to Rt 114.

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