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Trail Report 2/5/2024 through midweek.

It was great to see everyone out on what was some great mid winter clear days.   The Scenic Overlook was especially one of the best stops on the trailsystem both days.

The Bully has been out surfacing and doing what we can with the "sugar" snow. As we have said, as well as many of our neighboring clubs we can only process the snow so many times until it no longer binds. Without new snow to mix in, the snow will not stay packed and adhere. We've been in this situation for several days and that appears it will continue through this week. What this means is basically the trails will not hold together very long.

The 105's were all groomed Friday night. Conditions are thin and open waterbars. This will be groomed once or twice a week few until conditions improve.

Brousseau Mtn 105. Some open waterbars on the east side towards Averill. Conditions are thin in areas especially towards EX95. Best to use Trail 114 to access the powerline.

Good conditions on Trails 114, 114D, 114C, 102, 101, 106C, `102F. With the sunny weather and slowly rising temperatures through the week some thin areas on the powerline will develop, especially the lower powerline 102A.

We'll be grooming this week as long as the weather stays favorable.

Giving you the most honest and accurate reports from the heart  of the NEK.

A few pictures from late yesterday afternoon and around 11pm with new groomer operator Sue doing a great job.

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