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Trail Report 1/19/2024

January is starting to look and feel like January should. We received 6 to 8 inches of snows this past week that added to build up our base. Keep in mind with new freshies it takes several grooming runs for the snow to pack in and stay packed, especially with the cold there is less moisture to bind the snow particles together and hold. So expect some bumps develop during the day this weekend with the heavy traffic we expect.

With the past 2 days we've covered all of the trailsystem with the Bully. Bully will be out again this evening and Saturday and Sunday evenings. We plan on grooming into next week in preparation for some milder air coming in mid week and could also bring some light snow. The milder air would actually help the trails pack.

In general south of the Ad Board (between EX 93 and EX 131) conditions have improved and good to very good conditions. North of the Ad Board in the 105's still some waterbars and thinner areas but we will keep working it.

Stop by the Blaster Barn off 105A tomorrow 1:00pm to 4:00pm and visit. We'll have club merchandise, refreshments , and maybe even a special appearance.

If you've been holding off getting your TMA's now is the time! Get out and ride while we can.

John, Grooming Coordinator/Co-Trailmaster

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