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Midweek Trails Update 1/24/2024

The Bully has been out tidying up from the weekend. We received a dusting of new snow. Temperatures have remained favorable so far for trails to set up overnight.

The base is still thin, to very thin, on the 105's and lower section of the Power Line and lower Stone Dam Rd. Expect some icy areas, areas of very thin coverages, a few areas of water that have not totally frozen, and some sections we just can't smooth out without a base and snow to work with. We will do our best with what we have to work with in these areas.

In general, everywhere else is good to very good. But we do need more snow before too long. Best Trails are 114, 102, 102F, 114C, 114D, 101. We will give our to flatten things as best we can.

Middle Connector 106C logging operation still in progress and partially plowed. Use caution and yield to logging equipment.

Enjoy the trails and ride while we have the snow!

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