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02/18/2022-Trail Report

Good news! We just got back and our trail system overall held up well thanks to our base. Of course, we have some cautions for you. There are some slushy areas and open water bars that are already freezing up but will need the overnight to firm up, especially in the Norton fields and the 105's. Use the back door to Chez at ex 131 to ex 14. The uppers held up very well and we will turn most of those back to green for your ride. The powerline has coverage with some icy spots, especially the upper and lower section towards Stone Dam, but the middle has good coverage. We will keep our trails open but will not be doing any grooming until we get some snows to work with. We ask that you please refrain from riding until tomorrow to allow the temps towards zero tonight to work their magic. Please slow down and expect the unexpected. Thanks

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