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03/13/2022-Trail Report

12 degrees and a light snow in Norton. Very heavy snows continued after we did this video boosting our totals to 12 inches south in Bloomfield, and 20 plus in Norton and the uppers. Winds are howling so if you are riding, please slow down and expect some deep drifting and blowing snows on the lines. All of our trails are now open and most groomed as Steve is headed to 105W as we speak. Stone Dam and South crossover much improved as is the 105's. Back at it tonight so please enjoy and last call to become a "Stake Holder" and "Stake out Cancer" at Thanks

P.S. Update from yesterday:

3-4 inches of snows, coming down good, and we opened some of the 105's, Brousseau to ex 8, the back door to Chez only using ex 131 to 145 to 14 then to Chez. Very thin coverage so caution. The Bully will run upper trails only tonight and will keep watching the 105's. Thanks

Click on pic to see Facebook video report.

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