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02/28/2022-Trail Report

Folks, 5 below currently, and bonus snows yesterday in some heavy snow squalls and snow showers which gave us from 4 to 8 inches of snows on our trail system depending on elevation. Just what we needed. Steven Duffy started out headed in town Norton in the Bully last evening and 105W to where we meet the Drift Dusters Snowmobile Club and reports much improved but still some thin areas with some icy corners. Then Mark Burgielewicz went over Brousseau, 114 and 102 double passed and found the bonus snows of 8 inches there to work with and reports good to excellent riding there. Gary Carlson is out now seeing what he can do on the lower line which needed snows the most. Most of our trails will be groomed for your Monday ride. The weather people also saying 1-3 inches of additional snows Tuesday time frame and we will stay at it this week for those on school vacation or our mid week riders. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Lower line has thin coverage with some dirt mixing in the last mile or so before Canal Rd. Caution if coming up stone dam.

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