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Trails Status 3/21/2024 1:30pm

Better late than never the saying goes.

Our Blaster Bully will be out this afternoon accessing the trails and opening up a few closed gates. Our plan is to open part of the trailsystem as of tomorrow and connect to our neighboring clubs where possible. See Brighton Snowmobile Club, Canaan Border Riders Snowmobile Club  and Drift Dusters Snowmobile Club clubs website/FB pages for their plans.

Depending on what happens with the storm Friday night/Saturday we may be able to open more trails if the higher end of the forecast actually happens.

Late spring conditions, meaning waterbars and other hazards may be encountered. Keep in mind frost was already leaving the ground and wet underneath especially the wooded areas.

The groomer may be out anytime of day. You may encounter some ungroomed trails, either we haven't gotten to them yet or we will leave them ungroomed for access. We will update the VAST trails map through the weekend and into next week as conditions may/will change.

We'll post another update when we have further details.

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