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03/07/2022-Trail Report

Currently 37 degrees and a cloudy sky, with some more rains on the way and even a little bit of mixed precipitation. The damage is done folks with temps flirting with 60 yesterday, .22 inches of rains in the morning and then full sun and high winds, which continue. We lost lots of snows, the fields are bare with standing water, the upper and lower lines down to dirt with little coverage in the middle. The uppers remain open and turned yellow on the vast map where we connect to our neighbors Brighton Snowmobile Club and Canaan Border Riders but everything in town and West to Drift Dusters Snowmobile Club is closed, although there is good snows remaining on the West end but quickly erodes as you head East. Please stay tuned as we will assess our upper elevation trails later today. Thanks.

Update.. after checking the rest of our trails, our entire trail system is now closed. Thanks for your understanding.

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