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03/06/2022-Trail Report

Currently 34 degrees with a light rain and we had a low of 28 in the Bully overnight. Temps to the low 50's today with rains and not looking very good for this coming week with 4 days with temps over freezing however cooler temps at night may help us. VERY tired trails today, as most of you know from the heavy traffic. The warm March sun hurt us on the powerline and the 105's. We did however groom all of our upper elevation trails overnight, Brousseau, the Averills, 114 and 102 to flatten and pack them to help us get through this warm up. If you must ride, PLEASE be careful. We had 2 accidents on our trail system this weekend, and there are other tracks off the trail on some corners that tell us we had more than that and it is scary. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to all and as always, expect the unexpected. I found this part pictured below on 106C, the crossover. If you own it please message me. Happy Sunday everyone!

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