Trail Updates

Trail Updates

February 23~ 31 degrees this Tuesday morning and a flurry or two around. We did recieve about 2-3 inches of a wet snow yesterday and they are predicting the same for today in the upper elevations and we need it. Temps above freezing daytime the next couple days will soften up trails but it cools off mid week again. As you can see from previous pics most of our trails have decent cover with great conditions however I will focus on the not so good today. The south crossover from stone dam to east branch (ex501 to ex114) needs LOTS of snows to smooth things out so caution there, and that stubborn section of 105W west of US 114 for some reason is snow starved and snirty for about 3-4 miles as you head west and pictured below. We spent lots of time there in the Bully yesterday bringing the limited snows back in and it is improved but needs a good dumping so caution there also. Be safe and we would like thank Gilles Sales and Service of East Montpelier for advertising with us.

February 22~ Happy Monday everyone. 5 degrees and a partly cloudy sky with several chances of light snow accumulations this week. Rj Olender is just returning from an overnight run south and I am headed out now to get the 105's to the west so all our trails groomed for your Monday ride. VERY busy traffic all weekend equals big moguls.. and thanks to Dan Sbardella, and RJ for your help smoothing them out. If you are on trail 105 w on a Friday or Saturday, be sure to stop at "Kendyls Buns on the Run". A little hot dog stand in the middle of no wheres, you will enjoy it.. Thanks folks.

February 19~ Happy Friday everyone. It's currently 13 degrees with a low of 9 overnight in the Bully. Trails really softened up yesterday as some warmer temps in the low 20's in the afternoon and some of that warm February sunshine here did it's thing and hoping they firm up for your Friday ride. Photo is ex 17.. one of most popular intersections on our trails in Sylvio Conte and the home of the Keith Whitney Memorial Trail. Thanks to Track Inc. of Newport Vt, home of the Tucker Sno cat for advertising with us. Much appreciated.

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