Memberships and TMA's for 2020-2021
​                                                                                  Membership Information

First Name:                                                                               Last Name:

Mailing Address:                                                                        Town/City:                                                

                                State:                    Zip:                       

Telephone:                                                    Email:

**All members will receive a welcome letter with club sticker**

After submitting your membership info please click back or return to our website, click the "Buy Now" button to purchase your membership.
Once we receive both we will be mailing you your membership letter and sticker.

Thank you
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TMA's will now only be sold through VAST at
When doing this they voted to make the club dues $30, so now every club will receive $30 per TMA. The prices also include a $5 processing fee for credit card charges and shipping costs.
When filling out the TMA you will have the option to choose the club of your choice.

So please remember to choose the club where you ride and support us with grooming costs.
Already a member of another club? Its ok you can still become a member of NEKSB below.
***⛄️ Join Where You Ride & Become A Member of NEKSB ⛄️***