The Power Line!
One of our new bridges!
About  The Northeast Kingdom Snow Blasters
​      The Northeast Kingdom Snow Blasters was founded in 2012 and is based in the beautiful and scenic small town of Norton, VT. A popular stop for you snowmobilers for gas at the Norton Country store or to get some great food and drinks at the famous "Chez Pidgeon Restaurant", we are responsible for the maintenance of 65 miles of trails that are for you all to enjoy!!
Committed to an enjoyable ride and visit in the beautiful NEK!
Northeast Kingdom Snow Blasters meetings are once a month.
If you would like to attend, the date, time and locations are posted here on our website under club events and on our Facebook page. 

You may also contact our club president John Hull at 802-371-7301 or our trail master David Diminico at 802-822-5750.  
Groomer of the Year 2017
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2019 Snowman Contest Winners!!
Volunteers Building our Sign Board!
Hanging trail signs for the new season!
2019 Club BBQ